Beach Polo at Hotel del Coronado

Polo America created a tidal wave of excitement at the Hotel del Coronado beach over Labor Day weekend 2016. The Beach Polo Cup featuring 12 polo players and 50 horses played the first beach polo tournament on the West Coast with a beautiful backdrop of white sand, blue skies and gentle ocean breezes.

Andre Zotoff, vice president and general manager of Hotel del Coronado said that Beach Polo is set to become the Kentucky Derby of the West Coast.
Guests made their way to the colossal 10,000 square foot VIP tent positioned on the historic Hotel del Coronado private beach area between the ocean and hotel. The tent consisted of three terraces. The front was Millionaire’s Row, where guests relaxed on white leather couches to mingle with many of the well heeled in attendance, who enjoyed lavish spreads of food and endless drinks provided by Hotel del Coronado.

The second terrace, the VIP section, offered a more formal dining experience provided by the hotel.  Guests enjoyed signature favorites, including clambake and a Tapas lunch that offered 15 different tastes.

The Polo Village occupied the third terrace with popup boutiques from Ermenegildo Zegna, Grayse, Silver Seas Yachts, Contemporary Gallery, Hoffman International Properties, Leisure Society and Joseph Goott Fine Jewelry. High-net-worth guests made elaborate purchases from jewelry to clothes to Porsches, and even a yacht.

On the beach, Polo America created a playing area the size of a football field that had been groomed for days to prepare a safe surface for the horses.

The Kentucky Derby of the West Coast

Guests were as festive as the polo players. Women wore colorful sundresses and hats to rival the Kentucky Derby, and men stepped out in sports coats, fedoras, seersucker suits and linen shirts.

On Saturday, Aspen Valley Polo Club defeated Hoffman International Properties and Flexjet defeated Porsche San Diego, setting up an epic final of mother (Melissa Ganzi) vs son (Grant Ganzi)

The MVP of the Polo America Beach Polo Cup, Agustin Merlos, proved why he is rated 10 goals on the grass and 9 goals in beach as he moved the ball up and down the field on Sunday with ease. The final score was 10-7 in Aspen Valley’s favor.  The score was tied 6 – 6 going into the final chukker until Aspen Valley exploded in the last chukker, pulling ahead by four. Melissa Ganzi eventually scored on an open goal at the very end to make it 10 – 7.

The beneficiary of Beach Polo was Rady Children’s Hospital, a 520-bed pediatric care facility that provides the largest largest source of comprehensive pediatric medical services in San Diego, Southern Riverside and Imperial counties.

Million Dollar Road Rally

If polo wasn’t enough, Polo America offered a hundred attendees the opportunity to participate in the Porsche Million Dollar Road Rally.    Each participant on a team of three, was required to drive one leg of the road rally and accomplish three tasks.  The first took them 5 miles away, where they built a miniature beach polo field.  Polo America provided the wooden polo players on horses, goal posts, and other accessories.  The second task took team members to Windsor Cottage inside Hotel d Coronado, where Joseph Goott & Co. displayed $1 million of jewelry. Teams were required to place individual pieces of jewelry in order if their value.

On their final task, players drove to the marina to meet Silver Seas Yachts. Each team was asked to remove a yacht out of its slip and perform a 360-degree-spin before returning the yacht it to the slip. Guests also were invited to sign up for private polo lessons on the beach with world-renown instructors and horses from California Polo Club.

“The sport of polo is unique in that it’s not only played on grass, but it is also played in arenas, in the snow and on the beach. We sponsored the Polo America Beach Polo Cup because we’re the official global brand of the USPA, and together we embrace every face of the game. When consumers walk into one of our 750 stores in 135 countries, they aren’t just buying a piece of apparel, they are buying a piece of the sport.” — Matthew McCartin, SVP Global Marketing

“It was fantastic to see beach polo played with the stunning backdrop of the iconic Hotel Del Coronado. What an unbelievable weekend horses, Porsches, world-class polo players and amazing people who came together to benefit Rady Children’s Hospital. Can’t wait until next year.” — Shawn Evan, General Manager of Porsche San Diego

“The Hotel del Coronado was an amazing venue and Grayse by Kelly & Marie Gray were thrilled to part of this historic beach polo event.” — Grayse

“We thank Polo America for choosing us as the beneficiaries of this great event. These much-needed funds will provide help for children in San Diego who are dealing with neurological disorders.” — Angela Wachtmann, Rady Children’s Hospital

“The City of Coronado has a rich and interesting history dating back to its incorporation in 1890. Included in its historic timeline is Coronado’s connection to polo through John D. Spreckels, who owned the Hotel del Coronado. Spreckels was so enamored with polo that he built a polo facility right here in town in the early 1900s. He even created a Spreckels Cup silver trophy, which was retired in 1921. The Coronado Polo Club was known throughout the United States for the quality of its fields and near perfect year-round playing climate. The city is proud of its polo heritage. Polo was the centerpiece of social life in Coronado for years. The recent two-day polo match at the Hotel del Coronado, another important piece of the city’s past, brought back that exciting history, even if just for a weekend.” — Mayor Casey Tanaka

Polo Teams

Aspen Valley Polo Club — Grant Ganzi (1); Juanicito Bollini (3); and Agustin Merlos (9)

Hoffman International Properties — Riley Ganzi (0); Juan Bollini (7)  and Carlitos Gracida (5)

Flexjet — Melissa Ganzi (0); Lucas Lalor (6); and Julio Novillo Astrada (7)

Porsche San Diego  — Bash Kazi (1); Tito Gaudenzi (3); and Jason Crowder (7)

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Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego is a 520-bed pediatric care facility that provides the largest source of comprehensive pediatric medical services in San Diego, Southern Riverside and Imperial counties. It is the only hospital in the San Diego area dedicated exclusively to pediatric healthcare and it  is the region’s only designated pediatric trauma center. In June 2015, U.S. News & World Report ranked Rady Children’s among the best children’s hospitals in the nation in each of the 10 pediatric specialties the magazine surveyed.

Rady Children’s Hospital relies on donations to support its mission. Proceeds from Polo America’s Beach Polo Event at Hotel del Coronado will help fund Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary Endowment for Neuroscience. Money from the endowment provides clinical genetics, clinical trials, DNA sequencing, bioinformatics and education to help treat and find cures for neurological diseases and disorders in children. For more information, visit


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